Float TF 1502

Foam Competition Series

Model TF 1502 is with ROHACELL 51 HF body, hollow antenna and fibre glass monolith stem.

Export code: 21502

A new range of floats, made of ROHACELL foam. Its low density, outstanding material properties, and 100% closed cell structure, make ROHACELL foam ideal for high performance float bodies which offer unmatched strength to werght ratios. Normally used in the aerospace and automotive industries, medical technology, and other hi-tech markets, when used for the production of fishing floats, ROHACELL results in lightweight, yet durable components. The uniform density and homogenous structure means that all floats will have consistent shotting capacity. On top of all, the foam is also chemical resistant. Even superglue can be applied to it without the foam melting.

Code Weights, g
21502/00.10 0.10
21502/00.20 0.20
21502/00.30 0.30
21502/00.40 0.40
21502/00.50 0.50

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